Protect Our Libraries – Vote Yes on Prop F to Renew the Library Preservation Fund

Our public libraries are a critical part of our city. They are essential to families, youth, and all San Franciscans who rely on the library’s free resources. We have a world-class library system as the result of the Library Preservation Fund, originally passed by voters in 1994 and renewed in 2007.

The Library Preservation Fund has allowed the library system to:

  • Expand to 27 neighborhood branches and keep libraries open seven days a week 
  • Triple its print and online book collections
  • Create the city’s largest free WIFI network and provide 1,000 computer stations 
  • Maintain a staff of Librarians at every location 
  • Expand literacy and learning support for K-12 students, adults, and non-English speakers 
  • Help residents find jobs and open small businesses

The Library Preservation Fund makes up 97% of the Library’s annual budget and will expire in 2023. Voting Yes on Proposition F will renew the Library Preservation Fund for 25 years with no new taxes. It will allow the Library to expand its wide-ranging services and respond to the needs of the community. Without Proposition F, library hours and resources will be slashed and branches will close.

Voting Yes on Proposition F will:

  • Require the Main Library and all 27 branch libraries to stay open and increase the minimum number of hours.
  • Ensure that we maintain library infrastructure with renovations, support new construction, and respond to public emergencies. 
  • Provide a consistent source of funding for our libraries for 25 years without raising taxes.

Vote Yes on Proposition F so the San Francisco Public Library can continue to provide vital education and literacy services, employment resources, and computer access for all San Franciscans for generations to come.